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PE Jaw Crusher

The PE jaw crusher is a versatile machine that excels in primary crushing applications. It is known for its reliable performance and high efficiency. With an adjustable discharge setting, it allows for a wide range of materials to be processed. This crusher is a cost-effective solution for any size reduction project.


Zenith is a well-known crusher and grinding mill manufacturer based in China. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they offer equipment and solutions for customers from the aggregates, mining, and mineral grinding sectors. One of their popular products is the PE Jaw Crusher, which is widely used in the crushing operations of various materials.

Introduction to PE Jaw Crusher

The PE Jaw Crusher is a popular choice among users as it is an efficient and reliable machine that is easy to maintain and provides good performance. It is designed to crush and process various materials with compressive strength less than 320MPa, giving it a wide application in the mining, metallurgy, building materials, and chemical industries. The PE Jaw Crusher uses a double-wedge adjusting mechanism to ensure a simple and quick adjustment of the discharge port, making it easier to control the particle size and obtain a uniform final product.

Key Features and Specifications of PE Jaw Crusher

The PE Jaw Crusher has several key features that make it stand out in the market. It has a deep crushing cavity, which improves the feeding capacity and output. The crushing ratio is large and the product granularity is even. Its gasket discharge opening adjustment device is reliable and convenient, with a large adjustment range, which increases the flexibility of the equipment. The machine is also equipped with a reliable lubrication system, ensuring the continuous and smooth operation of the equipment.

Benefits of Using PE Jaw Crusher for Crushing Operations

There are several benefits to using the PE Jaw Crusher for crushing operations. Firstly, the machine has a large crushing ratio, which helps to reduce the number of crushing stages and thus save production costs. Secondly, it has a wide range of applications, making it suitable for various materials and industries. Thirdly, the PE Jaw Crusher has a simple structure and is easy to operate and maintain. It is also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Tips for Proper Maintenance and Care of PE Jaw Crusher

To ensure the optimal performance and prolong the service life of the PE Jaw Crusher, proper maintenance and care are essential. Regularly inspect the machine for any wear and tear, and replace any damaged parts promptly. Keep the machine clean and free from any blockages to ensure smooth operation. Lubricate the machine regularly to avoid any friction and prolong the service life of the bearings. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for operation and maintenance to ensure the safe and efficient use of the equipment.


The PE Jaw Crusher from Zenith is a reliable and efficient machine that is widely used in the crushing operations of various materials. With its key features, such as a deep crushing cavity, large crushing ratio, and reliable lubrication system, it provides numerous benefits for users in terms of cost savings, versatility, and environmental impact. By following proper maintenance and care, users can ensure the optimal performance and prolong the service life of the machine. Zenith continues to be a leading manufacturer in the industry, providing quality equipment and solutions for customers in the aggregates, mining, and mineral grinding industry.

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